Hear Correction & Not Receive

You can hear correction but not receive it.

Receiving correction means it has gotten down into my spirit

You would know if you really received correction because after you receive it you change.

We have spent our lives running away from what matures us.

All your relationships are based on building you up — you have built support groups. facebook like friend groups who only encourage you.

Everything in your life you built so that you would not be corrected. Every person is in your life because they don’t correct you. You don’t look for friends that tell you the truth.

You have twisted correction as abuse.

When you can’t be corrected you will never accept that you are the problem; you will only blame others.

When our lives get destroyed we look around to see who did it like we didn’t do it to ourselves.

You have to be responsible for your own failures. You will never change until you accept your failures.

Correction is a vitamin and if you don’t get it you will grow up deficient

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