Food Affects Your Mood — Seminar Takeaway

The body is not acidic; the body is created slightly alkaline

If it does not produce seeds; it cannot serve you. You produce life so it has to have life inside it to serve you. If it is living it has seeds. If it does not produce seeds, it will definitely harm you in the long run. 

Alkaline – 7.0 (neutral) everything over is considered alkaline

When your body is too acidic, your body will use the calcium in your bones to replenish itself causing arthritis and other health problems. 

When you are losing hair, it is because you have a digestive problem 

DID YOU KNOW: Marijuana (Mary Jane) dehydrates you 

Hybrids foods (fruits and vegetables) rob your body of oxygen 

·         Uses a binder which is a chemical to make it

·         Seedless which means it is sterile 

It is not putting out life or electricity to compliment your body

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