There’s No “I” in Team

*information obtained from The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

We have always heard that quote, “there’s no I in team” but we never heard the explanation to it.

In most sports, there is a clear score at the end of the game that determines whether you succeeded or failed. There’s little room for subjective, interpretive and ego-driven success.

This doesn’t mean that athletes don’t have ego because we all know that everyone does have one. Athletes have some of the biggest egos. But great athletes egos are usually tied to a clear result: winning. They just want to win. More than making the All-Star team, more than getting their picture on a box of Wheaties, and yes, more than making money.

The teams that figure it out have a bigger advantage than ever before because most of their competitors are just a bunch of individuals looking out for themselves.

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