What’s your Motivation?

*information obtained from Eight Weeks To Optimum Health by Andre Weil, M.D

Many people want to remake their lives but cannot imagine doing so without outside help. If only some skilled hands, could apply the necessary force to get them going, they could do it, but on their own they remain in habitual ruts.

The answer to this common problem is motivation. This word derives from the Latin form of the verb “to move”. If you are motivated to seek better health, all that you need to achieve it is practical information. Hence, the scripture ” my people perish for lack of knowledge”

No matter what your addiction is (drugs, coffee, chocolate, lust, compulsive shoppers, gamblers, greed, candy, food, etc.) it can be broken if you are motivated to do so. Motivation is the key; when it reaches a critical point, breaking even the hardest addictions can be easy. It all starts with an attempt.

DID YOU KNOW: making an attempt to quit is the best predictor of eventual success, even if the attempt itself is not successful.


  • I wanted to quit pornography and masturbation, I started doing semen retention and NoFap but I would fail along my journey. I went 40 days, 90 days, but I always ended up relapsing but I didn’t know that I was building a foundation to eventually quit. Now, I see NoFap as a lifestyle and not as challenge, I am currently on 50+ days and I have always been abstinence for 1 year and 6 months
  • I wanted to quit smoking weed, so I would take breaks. 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months and so on and now I can say I no longer smoke, I started building that foundation to reach my goal

Attempting to quit is commitment to changing behavior, a measure of motivation, and whether you succeed or fail is less important than making the attempt. The effort adds to a reservoir of motivation that one day will be full enough to initiate the sudden change that enables people to drop habits cold-turkey without struggling.

The power of motivation must come from within.

There are two types of motivation (1) Fear (2) Reward

Fear is a type of motivation that motivates you by working to avoid a disaster. Fear can be a great motivator. The threat of imminent death can make people quit smoking readily, no matter that cigarettes are their “friends/lovers”. The possibility of divorce can lead spouses finally to spend more quality time with each other. Fear of flunking out of college may motivate a student to buckle down and study.

The avoidance of a disaster may be more than adequate compensation for giving up a beloved habit or long established pattern of behavior.

Reward is a type of motivation in which you by focus on the reward/benefit you obtain from abstaining from a bad habit. The reward is not because you are trying to avoid a disaster or negative outcome; instead you focus on the enjoyment of a positive one. For example, if I quit spending my check on eating out everyday, I can save it so I can take a trip somewhere I desire.

Fear has the ability to facilitate change, however seeking positive reinforcement (a reward you can enjoy) is better than pursuing negative reinforcement (avoidance of something you do not want to experience). Research shows that positive reinforcement is better at maintain new behavior.

Did You Know: If fear is your motivator, when fear subsides, so does motivation. Fear can also paralyze you, preventing you from moving at all.

TIP: add positive behaviors, to strengthen and extend habits you probably already have, habits of eating, exercising, breathing, reading, using your mind, and nourishing your spirit.

As you become more aware of your body’s healing system and your responsibility for protecting it, you will adjust more naturally without forcing change.

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