TOO Much Radiation

*information obtained from Eight Week To Optimum Health by Andrew Weil, M.D

It is important to protect yourself from toxic forms of energy.

DID YOU KNOW: X-rays are some of the most dangerous forms of energy; however it is inivisible and completely imperceptible.

Medical science has paid little attention to the health hazards of electromagnetic pollution, and it is difficult to establish casual connections between exposure and diseases that might show up until years later.

The hazards of ionizing radiation, the kind that is energetic enough to knock electrons out of their orbits and cause direct damage to DNA, increasing rates of mutation and cancer. X-rays and nuclear radiation are in this category. There is no such thing as a safe radiation, since your risk of genetic and immune-system damage correlates with the total amount of radiation you have received over your lifetime, and any amount of radiation, however small, adds to that cumulative total and risk.

Never believe anyone who tells you that the amount of radiation coming at you from any source is too small to matter.

Page 86

Ionizing radiation, has now been universally acknowledged to be hazardous to life. Furthermore, their are weaker forms of electromagnetic pollution that can pose subtler risk to our well-being and capacity for natural healing.

  • Microwaves can be hazardous; do not microwave foods in plastic containers or plastic wrap
  • Electric clock radios; do not use them near your bed
  • Plug-in electric blow driers for the hair; hence they are used near the brain
  • Cellphones; studies have shown how cellphones can effect your health especially Bluetooth
  • Tanning parlors

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