Ten Lies That Shaped Our Mind

*information obtained from Pastor Darby Sermon

You ever notice; that every other ethnic group that comes here to America start to treat us like they are our superiors. They obtain a superiority mindset because of the education they are taught who showed blacks as peasants.

1. White people were the first people on earth. As long as Mendel’s law (law of dominance) is in effect; whites can never be the first humans. This law says that white skin is recessive and blacks are dominant. You can not get black out of white because white don’t have black in it but you can get white out of black because black has every color in it. (True whites (100%) can not produce anything darker than themselves)

So how did we get where we are? They went over and conquered (Egypt to Babylon) and took the library of Alexandria; which had books that showed how blacks had already mapped out the world. Already had astronomy, mathematics and etc.. they took that information back to their culture and rewrote it and then told blacks that we were a primitive civilization

2. Blacks in Slavery were only cotton pickers; if you research slave auctions you’ll see that there were slaves that were carpenters. builders, and more.

3. Lincoln freed the slaves purposely; Lincoln said, “‘As the negro is to the white man, so is the crocodile to the negro; and as the negro may rightfully treat the crocodile as a beast or reptile, so the white man may rightfully treat the negro as a beast or reptile.'”

4. Black people ate each other in Africa

5. Blacks were cursed by God

6. The United States has helped blacks succedd

7. Jews built the pyramids (research Ronald Borek Kessler & Professor Shlomo Sand)

8. Blacks sold each other into slavery

9. There were no slaves in the North

10. Columbus discovered America (one of the greatest lies)

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