Compulsive Patterns

*information obtained from Salt, Sugar & Fat by Michael Pollan

A research psychiatrist and scientist, she pioneered the use of brain imaging in finding parallels between food and narcotics, and she became convinced that for some people, overeating is as difficult to overcome as some drug addictions

Page 342

Processed sugar in certain individuals can produce compulsive patterns of intake.

What’s Compulsive? According to Psychology Today, Compulsive behaviors are actions that are engaged in repeatedly—even when the individual wishes they could stop—despite the fact that they trigger negative outcomes, lead to interpersonal conflicts, or damage mental health.

So their are foods that create compulsive patterns in individuals. These foods are mainly processed such as chips, candy or ice cream. I can vouch for chips because whenever you open a bag of chips; you can not just eat one. You start off with a couple and then before you know it, you have finished the whole bag. Their are numerous articles and research on how potato chips are addictive.

WHY do we continue to purchase foods that create bad habits and are detrimental to our health? I understand that these foods are good but is that worth your life. Are you okay with dying early due to your indulgence in highly processed foods? If not, it’s time to change the way you eat.

SAY NO to foods that promote compulsive eating and YES to foods that promote health & longevity

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