Close the Price Gap

*information obtained from Salt, Sugar & Fat by Michael Pollan

” The low cost of processed foods has been thwarting the development of healthier ways of feeding the world. We’re hooked on the inexpensive food, just like we’re hooked on cheap energy. The real question is this price sensitivity and, unfortunately, the growing disparity of income between the haves and have-nots. It costs more money to eat fresher, healthier foods. And so, there is a huge economic issue involved in the obesity problem. It falls most heavily on those who have the fewest resources and probably the least understanding or knowledge of what they are doing” (Pg. 340-341)

DID YOU KNOW: Many of the executives of food companies avoid their own products.

So with all that being stated; the problem we face with obesity and other nutritional related illness or sickness is how the price for low nutritional foods differ from high nutritional foods.

“The biggest challenge in closing the price gap between processed foods and fresh foods so that blueberries could better compete, as a quick snack, with a Snickers bar” (Pg. 340)

WHY does a bag of chips costs less than a fresh piece of fruit? It’s like they don’t want you to eat healthy. They want you to indulge in these foods with low nutritional value because (1) you will become hooked and will be a forever customer (2) you are slowly getting sick which helps them because they are in bed with the pharmacy.

HOW does a product that is highly processed cost less than something that grows out the ground?

What’s the Solution?

We need to work on closing the PRICE GAP. We have power, we just need to utilize it.


  • Grow and sell your own produce
  • Don’t buy processed foods because they will then have to change what they sell to make money
  • Shop at local (mom and pop stores) this will help them which helps us; meaning they will be able to buy more produce which helps us indulge in more high nutritional foods
  • (comment any ways you think we can use our power) WE ARE ONE!

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