*information obtained from Salt, Sugar & Fat by Michael Pollan

Food companies are DEEPLY OBLIGATED toward their shareholders. When companies like Campbell say they will not compromise on taste in lowering the salt, sugar or fat content of their products, they’re not thinking about the consumer’s welfare; they’re thinking about consumption and sales. (truthfully you focus on sales because you are running a business)

Making money is the sole reason they exist or so says Wall Street, which is there, at every turn, to remind them of this. Meaning Wall Street informs them on how their actions could affect their stock which makes them reconsider their actions.

DID YOU KNOW: Experts believe that Wall Street was one of the chief causes of the obesity epidemic when, in the early 1980s, investors shifted their money from stodgy blue chip companies to the high-flying technology industry and other sectors that promised quicker returns. This put pressure on food companies which made them invent new ways to increase their stock via products.

Food Companies were already trying to sell their products in an environment in which there were twice as many calories as anybody needed. Now, they had to grow their profits every ninety days. The result was that food companies had to seek new ways to market their foods. And they did that by making larger portions, by making food available absolutely everywhere, by making food as convenient as it could be, and by creating a social environment in which it was okay to eat all day long, in more places, in larger portions.

Now, since there’s been a huge increase in food availability there’s been an increase in obesity and various diseases. However, I don’t blame the shareholders because they don’t force us to eat; they give us a choice. We are the ones who indulge ourselves. Now, that you know the plans of the food companies. How they only care about profit and not your health; you should now make better food choices which will make food companies change their products to your new way of eating. WE have power, we just don’t know how to apply it.

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