Food Companies TRUEST Desire

*information obtained from Salt, Sugar & Fat by Michael Pollan

” It had taken me three and a half years of prying into the food industry’s operation to come to terms with the full range of institutional forces that compel even the best companies to churn out foods that undermine a healthy diet. Most critical, of course, is the deep dependence the industry has on salt, sugar and fat. Almost every one of the hundreds of people I interviewed in the course of writing this book: bench chemists, nutrition scientists, behavioral biologists, food technicians, marketing executives, package designers, chief executives, lobbyists; made the point that companies won’t be giving these three up, in any real way, without a major fight. Salt, sugar and fat are the foundation of processed food, and the overriding question the companies have in determining the formulations of their products is how much they need of each to achieve the maximum allure.

Page 337

It’s simply not in the nature of these companies to care about the consumer in an empathetic way. Thy are preoccupied with other matters, like crushing their rivals, beating them to the punch.

The grocery store, after all, is littered with the results of their war to outsell one another by arming their products with more salt, sugar and fat.

  • Post cereal started coating it’s cereal with sugar then other companies did the same and even went up to as high as 70%
  • Hershey introduced mega-chocolate in 2003 then Kraft came out with sweeter and less fat Oreos

Don’t RELY solely on food companies for your nutrition; take matters into your own hand.

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