Back into EGYPT… America = Egypt

DID YOU KNOW: The people that fit the prophecies and curses of Deuteronomy are parallel to the children of Israel in Exodus.

The reason the bible says you will go into Egypt is because Egypt is freemasonry and freemason founded the United States. George Washington was the first president and he was Master Mason which is the highest basic rank in the secret fraternity of Freemasonry.

Freemasonry is the Egyptian religion stolen. Freemasons are doing what Egyptians did and has built almost the same society as Egypt; hence Washington D.C is laid out like Egypt with Obelisks and Pyramids. Freemasons stole this knowledge and then made a convenant with the same fallen angels that Egypt made a convenant with.

Egypt is the house of bondage; hence how we are in bondage here in the United States. THINK NOT?

Your Social Security Number is bondage to this corporation; America is an Corporation owned by the Queen. We are all in DEBT (not counting loans) because we are tied to the debt of the corporation. Our S.S.N ties you into the debt of America.

When you become a citizen, you become a citizen of a corporation debt. America is a corporation owned by England.


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