Satan’s Goal

*information obtained from Pastor Darby

Satan’s’ Goal is to alter us; to transhumanize us so we are no longer eligible to be saved (meaning saved by Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior) Transhumanism will be the true mark of the beast. It will state that you have been altered and then you will no longer be in the image of God any longer.

Satan’s’ goal is to have men merge with technology. Hence, all movies are showing you that they are trying to upload your mind to a computer. They want to get you so connected to the WEB that you will be thankful for the convenience they will create by connecting you to it. However, convenience isn’t convenient

Convenience = will make it more acceptable (they made it convenient for us to have phones so we can talk to loved ones but it isn’t so convenient when you find out your phones spy on you; just like any device (TVs, computers, tablets, etc.)

We will be losing our privacy for Convenience.

We are being programmed and brainwashed now through social media; the goal of social media is to program us to be use to constantly being online. Constantly is the programming.

THE MARK OF THE BEAST = Monitoring & Controlling

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