Discerning Someone’s Motive

5 Signs of Impure Motives ( not all the time so be wise)

  1. Flattering
  2. Help without being asked to
  3. Copying you
  4. Intimidation (playing with your emotions/threats)
  5. Came to spy on you, using witchcraft to bring confusion and delay you from entering into God’s presence

A person with impure motives will reveal themselves. They will demand trust without being trustworthy.

Discerning can be life or death.

Discerning = understanding ( you must understand people’s motives)

How can I understand a person’s motives ?

  • Let them talk, because a person with an agenda will always have that agenda on the surface. They will always be ready to push their agenda
  • They will use flattery then they will talk about what they really want to say – A person with impure motives will always come with flattery first; they will come building you up and presenting themselves as an answer to a need
  • They will come giving and helping (NOT EVERYONE WHO IS GIVING AND HELPING HAS IMPURE MOTIVES) Then once you embrace them, they will eventually start to show their disloyalty. They will began to show through their actions; revealing their true heart/intentions about what you are trying to do or build

A person with their own agenda cannot follow you long because they can’t do much with you long. They can only give you a certain allotment of time.

DID YOU KNOW: Satan puts people in your life.

Satan puts people in your life to get you off track.

FYI !! It is very difficult to discern someone impure motives because you don’t see a big change. You don’t see that the seeds (Satan is a seed sower; he sows negative seeds) that are sowing are causing a big change right away but as you began to grow you began to see your vision/dream start to get away.

P.S ” People with improper motives are pretty LAZY!”

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