The Grocery Store is a BATTLEFIELD

*information obtained from Salt, Sugar & Fat by Michael Pollan We must be PREPARED for war when we enter the grocery store; we must defend ourselves when we walk through those doors. Some of the tricks being used to seduce us are subtle, and awareness is key: the gentle canned music: the in-store bakery aromas; … Continue reading The Grocery Store is a BATTLEFIELD

Compulsive Patterns

*information obtained from Salt, Sugar & Fat by Michael Pollan A research psychiatrist and scientist, she pioneered the use of brain imaging in finding parallels between food and narcotics, and she became convinced that for some people, overeating is as difficult to overcome as some drug addictionsPage 342 Processed sugar in certain individuals can produce … Continue reading Compulsive Patterns

Second Guessing…..Saturated Fat

Saturated Fat "so named by the chemists for the way it is fully saturated with hydrogen atoms, without the double-bonded carbons that characterize unsaturated fats; has long been associated with heart disease" (Salt, Sugar & Fat) It is a primary cause of high cholesterol in the bloodstream, a waxy substance that leads to heart attacks … Continue reading Second Guessing…..Saturated Fat


*information obtained from Salt, Sugar & Fat by Michael Pollan Food companies are DEEPLY OBLIGATED toward their shareholders. When companies like Campbell say they will not compromise on taste in lowering the salt, sugar or fat content of their products, they're not thinking about the consumer's welfare; they're thinking about consumption and sales. (truthfully you … Continue reading BLAME THE SHAREHOLDERS

Dangers of Gastric Bypass Surgery

*information obtained from Salt, Sugar & Fat by Michael Pollan DID YOU KNOW: every year, two hundred thousand obese people in the United States; including kids as young as nine; have their stomach surgically shrunk to help them cut back on eating which is known as Gastric Bypass Surgery. Gastric Bypass Surgery has inherent surgical … Continue reading Dangers of Gastric Bypass Surgery