What happen to SEX?

* information obtained from a sermon by Pastor Darby Ministries

Man/Woman learned SEX (sacred energy exchange) from pornography which is a selfish release.

SEX viewpoint from a man/woman is different.

DID YOU KNOW? In Soddom & Gomorrah there where whoremongers; there were man who were in love with men (hence when God says: what has been will be again — Ecclesiastes 1:9) — the men where lovers of their self — which is what is happening now. #thebibleisthepastpresentandfuture

Unnatural SEX = worship

Natural is in harmony with nature/creation. If it’s natural it will fit but if it’s unnatural it must be forced!

Due to the lust of the flesh; men’s natural sex drive is tied to lust. When you are in porn, you can’t be filled by the natural so now you must go find someone to do the unnatural with because once you get into lust; it will never be satisfied. Lust has no LIMITATIONS.

In the last days, it’s all about destruction of what is natural to make unnatural seem natural.

Hence they are passing all these new laws which we know are an abomination to God. Laws we know are wrong, but remember — God already knows.

Isiah 5:20 “ They say that what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right; that black is white and white is black; bitter is sweet and sweet is bitter”

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