I haven’t been doing a good job of citing my sources or providing the sources of where I obtained my information from. I was reading a caption on Instagram where someone talked about the commandments; one of the posts that stuck out to me was about stealing. (my intention wasn’t to steal but to inform and if people would research they could easily see where I obtained the information) However, the post talked about “Have you ever claimed knowledge or work of others to be your own #stealing”? That part really hit home because I remember having a talk with a friend about this topic and she said that I need to site my sources and I was just like if people want to know where I obtained this information they could just research it. Now as I think about it; I was kind of doing a disservice to people because I didn’t help them with find the information due to my lack of citation.

In addition, this topic hit home because I thought as if people were thinking that the information I obtained was all mine and I am here to say it is all not my thoughts or opinions. I do a lot of researching, listening to podcasts, reading and all types of learning; and the things that I learn about I just feel that it is valuable for me to recite the information. Sometimes I just post paragraphs from books or paraphrase things that I have read or heard.

I am here just to say that I haven’t been doing a great job with citing my sources or providing sources for people to look at themselves. My goal is to do better with that and not repeat my mistakes.

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