Levels of Understanding

Different levels of understanding of God; makes you go DEEPER into worship.

This statement comes from a sermon by Pastor Darby Ministries.

This means that the more understanding you obtain of God’s beauty/glory/ the more you will worship God for the things he has done in your life. Usually we don’t have a understanding of what God is doing in our lives; so we don’t worship him. However, we need to know that everything always come together in God’s will.

Sometimes we are going through a struggle and we don’t understand; why God is allowing this. But, as we get out of the struggle we then realize why we was going through a storm.

So my advice is to not denounce God when we are going through trials and tribulations because it’s always a bigger picture. Meaning, God is bringing you through this storm so he could use you in some way shape or form.

Most times people have different understanding of God and that’s fine. Everyone won’t have the same understanding because everyone isn’t going through the same trials and tribulations.

There’s more than one understanding of God; so don’t think that your way of understanding is the only way people should understand.


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