How juice “concentrate” is made? Is it really nutritional?

Juice concentrate is made through an industrial process that is highly variable, including any of all of the following steps: peeling the fruit, thereby removing much of the beneficial fiber; removing the bitter compounds; adjusting the sweetness through varietal blending; and evaporating the water out of the juice. These process results in what is known … Continue reading How juice “concentrate” is made? Is it really nutritional?

Life Skills We Need

CookingGardening & Harvesting Problem-SolvingRelationships Confrontation SewingKnitting FishingHunting Connecting & Building a relationship with the Creator Building/CraftmanshipCamping/HikingSurvival TacticsBuilding/Making a fire Self — Defense Creativity Teamwork Critical ThinkingCommunication Resilience Decision MakingSelf Management Optimistic Life BalanceEmotional ControlBasic First AidJump Start A CarChange a Tire/ Change Oil/ Basic Home Repair How to use a mapCope with failureCooperation NegotiationEmpathy What … Continue reading Life Skills We Need