Majority of Humanity is Role Playing

This concept comes from a book called โ€œ Unpluggedโ€ by Latrell Garnett. โ€œ Humans are role playing because they are growing up to repeat exactly what their parents did โ€” go to school, go to more school, to pay off school, to have luxurious things, to have no-so luxurious things, to pay off more debt, … Continue reading Majority of Humanity is Role Playing


Are you aware of the โ€œJezebel Spiritโ€? โ€” the Jezebel Spirit would be defined as a narcissist | someone who is horrible, controlling, criticizing, dehumanizing, destructive, demoralizing and evil. This spirit can reside in both male and females. According to โ€œ Queen Jezebel was the daughter of Ethbaal, king of Sidon, and the wife … Continue reading BEWARE OF THE JEZEBEL SPIRIT