Proverbs 17:19

“ He who loves a quarrel loves sin” — the definition of a quarrel is a heated argument or disagreement, typically about a trivial issue and between people who are usually on good term.

Ask yourself why you love quarrel? Why do people love having heated arguments and disagreements with each other? What do you think that these disagreements are doing to our hearts? What do you think this is doing to the ones you’re having the argument with?

Society has programmed and conditioned us to love a quarrel. That’s why you have all these reality tv shows, sports shows and various movies and etc; that deals with a quarrel. Which conditions people to think it’s okay because that means you loves sin. It’s relates to Proverbs 18:2 “ a fool finds no pleasure in understanding but delights in carrying his own opinion.

I am not a man who loves quarrel. I am a man of understanding; I want to understand what makes someone heated or disagree with me. I know that we won’t all agree on the same thing but I want to understand what makes you believe certain things. I am not into arguing with you to push my idea but if I feel that you are going down a wrong path; I will plant seeds but I won’t force you to go down a path you don’t want to go.

Are you someone who loves quarrel?

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