Politicians/Government Officials || HAVE NO CLOUT


We think that government officials have CLOUT; we think that they have the ability to implement new laws that they solely desire or things that the people desire. It’s all a LIE!

For example, we think that the president has the power to do what he wants and we think he has the power implement the deeds that he said he would. The things he said he would do for the people as he ran for office; but as you can see once they get into office they aren’t allowed to do much. Their so called deeds aren’t accomplished at all and you realize you’ve been deceived.

Now, ask yourself || if they don’t have the power then who does? You may aka say, what about the 3 branches ( executive, legislative and judicial). Those are all relevant but however don’t you remember that when those politicians are running for office that they need campaign money to do so for ads, trips to various locations and much more.

So where do you think they are getting this money from? You know it’s not from the lower or middle class but if so it’s not much that would have the politicians obligated to implement laws on their behalf.

The real playmakers are corporations, banks, royal families ( Rothschild, Du Pont, Rockefeller & many more). These are the ones who create the laws that these politicians implement.

How does it work?

  • Politicians get donations from this corporations, banks, organizations, families and etc
  • Then, they tell them what they need to do in order to get the money — meaning they are obliged to do such in order to receive the donations

So now you have to think, if these people are giving donations; they must have a motive? They want something in return from the politicians which the politicians agree to do so. They receive the donations and if elected they implement laws that those various donors want to see implemented.

So here’s how it goes:

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