Link Calories to Required Activity to Burn Calories

I feel that the greatest thing that food manufacturers or food companies could do for us is; to create a chart that links the calories in there foods to the required activity mandatory to burn those calories.

For example, if you were aware that it would take more than 10+ minutes of intense training just to burn off a miniature candy bar ( I said miniature not full size candy bar) then you would be more logical with your food choices.

I’m not coming on how to say I don’t consume cookies, baked goods, donuts, etc but I am aware of how much I eat and plus if I do I don’t overindulge. In addition, I know that I am going to have to do an intense workout just to burn off those calories.

We think 500 calories is no big deal but in reality it really is and the crazy part is that you can easily eat that if you consume 1-2 bags of chips (the 2 for $1 chips). So if we are loading up on highly processed foods without being aware of the calories; we are doing our body a disfavor which we will have to pay for down the line.

So the next time you grab a candy bar, chips, donuts, drink, etc — just be aware of how many calories are in it and think about what you’ll have to do to burn those calories off.

Awareness is the first step! Action is NEXT! Take control of your health before you have to pay to get it back.

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