Self Perception Pulling You Down. Can you see it?

People are slowed down by the self perception of themselves. They aren’t able to obtain their dream life because of the limited beliefs of themselves. They’ve been told so many times that they are something they are not.

Others have told them:

  • You’re a failure
  • You’re a mistake
  • You’re a disgrace
  • You’re nothing
  • You’re a disappointment
  • And on and on………

DID YOU KNOW: if you hear something long enough, you start to believe it. (Hence, Santa Claus being real)

So if you notice, that you have a self perception that isn’t serving you; you should ask yourself how did I get this belief and if you will continue to perceive yourself in this way?

The way you perceive yourself is EVERYTHING. It’s so important because the way you perceive yourself will determine the way others will treat you and even how you treat yourself.

Ask yourself: How am I perceiving myself?

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