From Doctors 2 Technicians

“A danger we face is a future where doctors will be technicians not physicians” — Unknown

I heard this quote while watching a YouTube video and sorry I don’t remember what’s the title of it. But, this quote stuck out like a bald llama.

To me this quote meant that future doctors will be technicians and not physicians. Meaning their will be no need of physicians because humans would now be interconnected with technology like some Terminator type ish.

We have already been talking about artificial intelligence, they have people with RFID chips in their arms that they can use instead of cards, jets, etc and there have been multiple movies with this agenda. (Wake up; they not just making movies to make movies — it’s an agenda behind each one. Just have to pay attention and listen — you’ll see the signs if you can see through the illusion and confusion.

So I think too; that future doctors will be technicians. Might be a good time to become a technician lol jk. Don’t become a robot 🤖!

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