Social Media…. is it an invasion of PRIVACY?

I’ve been pondering on deleting all my social media accounts because I am now coming to the point that social media is a a tool to spy on others. Meaning they use social media to see what you doing, where you travel to (what airline; so they can better advertise to you, what you like and much more. They gather so much information on you that you made the job easy for marketers.

I understand that social media can be beneficial in some cases like you can connect with friends/family/colleagues, you can promote your business and advertise easily but what about privacy.

Nowadays, people are posting on social media 24/7 and people can easily find out any and everything about a person if they just clicked on their social media page.

Their is a lack of privacy with social media. You have Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and many more that are just ways to peek into your life. Plus, this tool can be detrimental to your health due to anxiety, stress and depression that people face when they see how others life are better than there’s “quote on quote”. ( like my guy Jermaine said, “ there’s no life that’s better than yours)

So if you notice one day that my social media accounts are gone; just know I’ll always have my website and YouTube channel so if need to contact me for services; like MJ I’ll be there.

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