Two Types of Diets

Calorie Restrictive Diet is the type of diet that allows you to eat whatever; as long as you ate fewer calories than your body burned that day.

For example, I consumed 1,200 calories but today I burned 1,300 calories which puts me in a caloric restrictive state.

This type of diet is hard for most for a couple of reasons:

  • You’ll be turning down your favorite meals, snacks, and drinks. (That should be enough because who turns down baked goods #myweakness)
  • Test your willpower. This diet will test you mentally all day long and for most their willpower runs out which leads them to indulging in bad foods.
  • We are quirky and fallible humans.

Food Restrictive Diet is a new-school way of dieting; just like the caloric restrictive diet you can eat all you want. However, you don’t have to worry about watching calorie intake. But you must avoid certain foods.

Here are a few food restrictive diets:

  • Vegans (no animals period)
  • Vegetarians (too many to name)
  • Keto (no carbs)
  • Paleo (avoidance of processed foods, and refined sugar and salt)

With that being said, I am against DIETS. Like they literally have the word “die” in it which means that’s how I will feel when on a diet, Diets are temporary; they don’t last forever because you wouldn’t want to eat that way forever.

My advice is too make your eating style a lifestyle. Start implementing good habits into your life that will help you with this process. Don’t just go on a diet to temporarily fix a health problem.

It all starts with what you are putting on your plate. It’s other adding life or subtracting.

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