Is Knowledge Power?

We’ve always heard the phrase “Knowledge is Power”; which I agree with to a certain level.

Yes; knowledge is power but implementation is even more powerful. Because you can obtain a lot of knowledge but if you don’t apply what you know then is knowledge really power.

However, you can look at this in a different perspective and say knowledge is power because if someone knows something you don’t. Then they could have power over you; they could use your lack of knowledge against you to get over you on certain things.

For example, lack of knowledge on food — food corporations are getting over on us because they are loading foods with additives, chemicals and more things that are harmful. If we are aware, then things would change because the power lies in the people. We could change the things we allow into our food by not buying it. They will change because they wouldn’t want to lose $$.

This concept goes along with finance, loans, and all things were knowledge can be a tool someone uses to get over on someone.

What are your thoughts?

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