Resist Self-Labeling

We are our own biggest criticizer. We have critiqued everything we have done in our lives.When we critique ourselves or let others critique us; we are self-labeling ourselves.

We are speaking on things that aren’t 100% true

For example, examples of self labeling

  • I’m not good enough
  • I’m just a worrier
  • I’m a Failure
  • I’m Useless
  • I’m Ugly
  • I’m Stupid
  • Gossip is my weakness my dad was a drinker and I guess I’ll carry the tradition

You have to stay away from self-labeling because things can go down hill if you’re in negative state of mind. Meaning, one bad thought leading to another and another.

Furthermore, don’t let people label you. You should only label yourself; don’t be giving people the power to tell you who you are when they haven’t spent a day in your shoes.

In addition, just because something is some way at a certain moment doesn’t mean it will be that way forever. You might be a worrier in the moment but you won’t be a worrier forever.

We forget that we are always growing and changing so don’t label yourself with temporary words that you’ll outgrow.

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