Bad Eating Habits “ Holiday Edition”

When the holidays come, everyone uses the “holiday” as an excuse to indulge in a bad habit. The bad habit would be stopping all healthful habits and picking up all those bad habits you had.

These habits would be overeating/gluttony which brings sloth into your life. Other habits are not drinking water, not eating any fruits or vegetables and just not having any kind of nutrient rich food.

I’m not saying the food you’re eating is bad; it’s just not as nutrient rich as you think. Most holiday foods are loaded with sugars, oils, salt, dairy or flours. Those things aren’t beneficial when they are consumed in abundance.

Balance it Out

If you are going to indulge in those habits on the holidays; at least try to balance it out. Throw in some fruits, vegetable, nuts/seeds that are beneficial and nutrient filled. Your body will thank you!

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