I find it very interesting that when we take a nap or when we are clocking out for the night; we enter another world. We enter the “Dream World” where anything happens and everything goes. Lately, I have been writing down my dreams and keeping a dream journal because I want to see if my dreams are trying to teach me something.

I feel like we can learn so much about ourselves if we write down our dreams and later that week; we review them to see if they refer to one another or simply try to figure out what was the meaning of the dream.

I know some people feel like they don’t dream anymore and I feel like that could be for a ton of reasons. However; scientists have proven that we all dream; some of us are just better at recalling our dreams. So if you have problems recalling your dreams, I suggest keeping a dream journal by your bed and as soon as you rise, you write down everything you can recall about your dream.

What are your dreams trying to tell you?

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