The Stages to GRIEF

When someone die, we go through 3 stages of grief. Sometimes it takes people longer than usual to go through the stages. I feel like that depends on your relationship with the person you lost.

Grief is just the emotional response to the loss of the person.

First stage| shock, numbness, disbelief; denial

Most people are often stuck in this stage after the death of a closed one. They don’t want to believe the news because then they will have to confront the loss and come to realization of what’s going on.

Second stage| confronting death & fully realizing the loss

This stage is a huge step because now you have to come to reality of what has happen which could cause more stress especially if you have to plan a funeral and etc.

Third Stage| being able to move on

No matter what; death is a normal part of life. So we have to move on after we lose someone; we can’t stay in stage one forever. We must go on with living our life.

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