Communication Equation

The communication equation consists of 3 things 

  • What you HEAR (tone of voice, voice clarity, verbal expressiveness)              which is 40% of the message 
  • What you see or feel (facial expressions, dress or grooming, posture, eye contact, touch, gesture) which is 50% of the message 
  • WORDS (what’s being said) which is 10% of the message 

So with knowing the equation it seems like we pay most attention to the visuals when we are communicating or listening to others. We value what we see and how we feel when we are communicating with others. It makes you think of the one quote “ people remember how you made them feel” which validates why we pay the most attention to what we see or feel when communicating with others.

However, what we hear is important to us as well. For example, if you’re communicating with someone and you notice they have a change of voice when you comment on something they dislike; we notice that what we said has changed their mood.

Last but not least, the words we say matter. Even though it’s only 10% of the message; sometimes it’s the most important. You’re word choice matters so choose your words wisely. Be careful with what you say because it can never be forgotten. Especially since words correlate with feelings; if you communicate something that makes someone feel uncomfortable; they will never forget.

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