Mind/Muscle Connection

Gym Goers there is something you need to know and knowing it will help increase your focus and gains in the gym (mentally and physically)

When you’re in the gym doing you’re workout; you need to be TUNED into that muscle or lift. I say that because when you are focusing on that muscle you’re working; you are increasing the number of fibers that are working which in return increases your gains.

It’s all about maximizing the force placed on your target muscles not how much you can lift. It’s about feeling every single rep and feeling that muscle as you go through the movement.

Good Tip: slow down your reps.

For example, if I am on the bench doing bench press; I’ll slow my reps down to a 5 second (descent) which helps me feels those muscle work and helps me build that mind/muscle connection.

Don’t stress about how much weight your doing. Drop your ego and focus on that muscle ( time under tension is KEY)

Focus on TIME UNDER TENSION & build that mind/muscle connection.

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