Recap of the 1st — No Social Media Sunday

No Social Media Sunday was a success. I only was on social media for 25 minutes and that was to inform everyone on what I was doing.

Things I learned:

  • Every moment is a blessing
  • Not being on social media creates less stress and anxiety for yourself
  • I was more focused and less distracted with my goals
  • To be more in the present because that’s the only moment you have
  • I didn’t compare myself to anyone

There were sometimes that I was close to checking my social media apps but I caught myself. Luckily, I had the time limit on ” shout-out to Apple” for the clutch feature.

I think everyone should try it out and see how they feel. It’s always good to detox from social media or any kind of technology because it literally can become an addiction.

Will you join me this Sunday??? #NoSocialMediaSunday

2 thoughts on “Recap of the 1st — No Social Media Sunday

    1. tezfitness says:

      That’s great, good to hear that someone has similar views. I think everyone needs too because we come too attached to our mobile devices and forget to just be. Live in the moment and not in the screen.

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