Reaching Out

This week I am focused on reaching out. Meaning reaching out to places that I would want to work with, partner/collaborate with or just reaching out to other amazing beings.

I feel that it’s importance that we reach out to other beings because we never know what could happen. We never know if – that person we met could put us in touch with someone important or that collaboration we did could be the starting point to something amazing.

This week I

  • Reached out to a organization about being a mentor and about starting a program to teach children on nutrition
  • Reached out to an organization about learning about gardening and volunteering

We never know what could happen; so I feel that it’s always best to shot our shoot. Reach out to the person or that organization; no matter what predicament you are currently in. You never know what the universe will do so it’s best to just try.

Don’t be afraid to REACH.

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