No Solids Day 1 Recap

Yesterday I made it 24 hours without consuming anything solid. (Tbh, I did have a few grapes lol)

But besides the grapes, I didn’t consume anything that would take more than 3 hours to digest.

I am doing No Solids until April 15

I know you’re probably wondering: how on earth can you go 24hours alone without consuming any solid foods?

I decided to do this because I want to help my body/stomach. I wanted to give my stomach a break from having to break down food for multiples hours throughout the day.

  • Struggles came at night time but I managed to get through it
  • I didn’t workout today: besides biking to run errands and hitting the Sauna for 20 mins
  • I felt good throughout the day, up until 5pm – I had to get some nutrition in. I started to feel a little sluggish/ brain fog but the protein smoothie helped tremendously.

I’ll be following Dr. Sebi Laws of Eating Rhythm

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