Pros/Cons of Cooking at HOME

There are TONS of PROS when it comes down to knowing how to COOK. However, there are some cons to this skill as well.

  • Everyone expects you to Cook All The Time

When you cook, people expect you to always want to cook or be ready to cook.

  • Dishes upon Dishes

If you cook a lot, it seems like there is never a time when the sink is empty. I can say for myself that usually once the dishes are cleaned/washed. I’m usually about to make some more.

  • You can Burn the Food. I’ve did this a couple times. ( it’s a learning lesson)
  • Time Consuming

Getting everything ready to cook, buying ingredients, chopping up food, etc.

Besides those reasons, if you LOVE cooking or making food, the PROS > the Cons

  • Better portion control for those watching their calories
  • Save Money: cook at home, so you get more food. Plus going out adds up overtime.
  • Brings Family Together
  • Healthier Ingredients: you never know what they put in your food, so cooking at home. You know exactly what’s inside.
  • Saves Time: you don’t have to go pick food up, call food in for delivery.
  • Become more creative: you start to make some recipes of your own & start experimenting with different ingredients
  • Leftovers

I prefer to COOK AT HOME. #Homemade

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