Asking 4 Help

I’ve always struggled to ask for help. I just felt like it was a sign of weakness and that some people might hold that over my head especially if it dealt with money.

Recently I’ve learned that it’s not bad to ask for help and most of the time people are more generous to help you than you might think.

I use to think that when you don’t have it all figured out on your own and you need others help than things aren’t going right. Now I know that’s not the case. Everyone needs helps and I learned that it takes courage to ask for help.

No one wants to be seen like a loser or weak, but asking for help doesn’t make you those things. It’s just your perception on asking for help. We’ve been trained to view help in such a negative way, so now everyone wants to be INDEPENDENT. S/O Boosie for helping me learn how to spell that word. If you haven’t heard “INDEPENDENT” the link is attached.


We’ve all been trained to do everything on our own and to make asking for help your last resort. However, I feel that we should be more collaborative and everyone work together/help each other so we can all grow and succeed.

You water me, I water you

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