Food or Bills

Lately, I’ve been coming to realization of today’s world. So many people are having to make the choice of buying food or paying bills 4 the week or month.

I feel like people shouldn’t have to choice between having food to live or having a place to stay.

So when people are having to make that choice, most of them pick bills because they feel like they need a place to stay.

So instead of getting the best food, they go buy cheap/low nutritional/toxic foods which in times harms their body.

Questions I Have

  • Why is RENT so high?
  • Why is HEALTHY FOOD OPTIONS like Organic Fruits,Vegetables so HIGH?

I say organic because they aren’t sprayed with harmful pesticides and they aren’t seedless so that means they weren’t made in a lab. It means it comes from Mother Nature herself.

  • Why do we pay for Water, Fruits, Vegetables when Mother Nature provides us with TONS?
  • Why don’t jobs pay fair wages?

Paying wages that are realistic and that won’t have people stressing about paying bills or buying food for the week.

  • Most cities have minimum wages under $15 dollars but that’s nothing in today’s world when the cost of living is 2-4x the price.

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