As mentioned on the last post, we all have the abilities to heal ourselves.

However, when you take an over-the-counter to treat your cold symptoms. You are blocking your body’s natural defenses and run a greater risk of a complication such as bronchitis or pneumonia.

  • Medicines you take for your cold actively work against the body’s innate healing ability.
  • Medicines such as antihistamine, decongestant, aspirin give you temporary relieve and they do nothing to help you fight the infection. They do the opposite which is stopping your body’s natural defense; which makes it an easier passage for the viruses to enter the body
  • Most drugs in modern medicine today are based on the principle (to oppose or suppressed the symptoms that the body is producing in its attempts to heal)

Ignoring the wisdom of the body inherent healing ability will lead to worsened health. The human body is a dynamic, self-protecting, and self-healing system.

If left alone, it usually will reduce the harmful results of illness

But if loaded with drugs, the defense system will be weak and ineffective

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