Dangers of Newly Approved Drugs

Don’t be so quick to try newly approved drugs. What you don’t know is that you’re being the test dummy, test rabbit or whatever you want to call it.

Taking newly approved drugs can be RISKY, since the dangerous side affects haven’t been recognized quite yet.

For example, there was a drug called Vioxx, a non steroidal inflammatory drug, prescribed to more than 80 million people worldwide for 5 years straight.

However, after the test trail of 5 years (before its toxicity was recognized) Vioxx was taken off the market. During those 5 years, 88,000 to 138,000 citizens had heart attack’s from taking Vioxx and 30-40% of them had died.

New drugs are usually tested on a small group of healthy individuals. They often don’t show the long-term side effects of drugs.

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