Coffee mutes Sleep Pressure (Adenosine)

Adenosine is a chemical substance that builds up the longer you are awake. It will continue to increase with every waking minute. The longer you’re awake, the more adenosine will accumulate.

However, you can actually mute this chemical substance with the most used and abused psychoactive stimulant – COFFEE.

COFFEE makes you feel more alert and awake.

CAFFEINE blocks the sleepiness signal normally communicated to the brain by adenosine. CAFFEINE tricks you into feeling alert and awake, despite the high levels of adenosine that would otherwise put you to sleep.

  • Caffeine has an average half-life of five to seven hours (Half Life meaning the length of time it takes for the body to remove 50% percent of a drugs concentration)

For example, you drink a cup at dinner (7:30). However, at 1:30am you’re body is just reaching the 50% mark and that means 50% percent of caffeine is still active which is pretty active.

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