Loving Yourself Is

  • Accepting who you are
  • Acknowledging that your past is a part of you that you can’t change, only learn from and use as an opportunity to grow
  • Accepting that you are human and not perfect, someone who makes mistakes and learns from them
  • Knowing that you deserve to be loved and acknowledging the need to love, too
  • Making the most of your natural beauty, talents and skills; sharing them with others; and nurturing these aspects of yourself
  • Giving your body the best Food
  • Self-Care

Published by tezfitness

My name is Cortez Wallace. I'm from Chicago. I love food and fitness. I love helping others out. I am a certified personal trainer and a plant based chef Check out my Instagram: @tezfitness @tezthechef (plant based) My Why: I want to make a better life for myself, my family, and the world. ๐ŸŒŽ

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