Coffee mutes Sleep Pressure (Adenosine)

Adenosine is a chemical substance that builds up the longer you are awake. It will continue to increase with every waking minute. The longer you're awake, the more adenosine will accumulate. However, you can actually mute this chemical substance with the most used and abused psychoactive stimulant - COFFEE. COFFEE makes you feel more alert … Continue reading Coffee mutes Sleep Pressure (Adenosine)

Why people are ANGRY when they don’t sleep?

As you may know, Sleep is ESSENTIAL and Sleep Deprivation can be DEADLY. SLEEP helps with our ability to learn, memorize, and make logical decisions/choices. SLEEP helps recalibrate our emotional brain circuits, which allows us to deal with next-day social and physiological challenges without BLOWING STEAM! So with that being said, when you don't sleep … Continue reading Why people are ANGRY when they don’t sleep?

Ten Rules 4 Creating Dream Life

Make your "GOALS" public Include serious and fun goals Include undefined goals (avoid overlooking a passion or interest) Record Progress Make manageable goals but make sure their rewarding Prioritize your goals Write out your goals (meaning choose between 1-40 goals) meaning you'll have to make some choices as what goals you want to achieve Review … Continue reading Ten Rules 4 Creating Dream Life