Water β€” Role in the Body

Water plays a vital role in our life. Everything in this world depends on it, from humans to animals. Adult body's are at least 60% water. Water controls a lot of bodily fluids like: blood, lymph, digestive juices, urine, tears and sweat. Dehydration could be DANGEROUS Functions of Water: Helps prevent constipation Controls body temperature … Continue reading Water β€” Role in the Body

Achieving Extraordinary Results = Time Blocking

In order to achieve extraordinary results, you must make time to do the things that MATTER. NO EXCUSES are acceptable. Make time for your GOALS. EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS REQUIRE 3 COMMITMENT 1. ADAPT THE MINDSET OF SOMEONE SEEKING MASTERY Mastery is a commitment to becoming your best. To achieve extraordinary results you must embrace the extraordinary … Continue reading Achieving Extraordinary Results = Time Blocking