Rashidat Yoga Detox Workshop

Today I got the opportunity to attend Rashidat Yoga & Detox Workshop. In addition, I got me a signed copy of her newest book —- NUMBER #1 Seller — 7 Day Holistic Detox.

This event was very invigorating. Being in the presence of someone who is so heavily PASSIONATE for uplifting others MIND BODY AND SOUL.

Some of the things that I learned at this event:

  1. The meaning of a Holistic Lifestyle: which is when we are interested in engaging and developing the WHOLE PERSON = MIND + BODY + SPIRIT
  2. The importance of Meditation
  3. The importance of Detoxing
  4. What happens to the body when you meditate, detox and implement yoga into your lifestyle
  5. Detox Yoga Poses

If you are interested in living a more HOLISTIC Lifestyle, I recommend reaching out to Rashidat ASAP!!

Instagram: iam_rashidat or  Rashest IG

Website: Rashest Website

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