Portion Control 101

Portion Control when Shopping:

  • Purchase 100% juice in individual containers that keep your portion to eight ounces.
  • Select individual portions of light entrees from the frozen food section.
  • Buy snack foods that are already divideed into single servings so you are not tempted by the whole bag or box.

Portion Control when Dining at Home:

  • Start your meal with a low-calorie soup
  • Use smaller plates
  • Don’t keep serving bowls of food on the table
  • Resist having second helpings
  • Remember that “cleaning your plate” is unhealthy if there’s too much food on it

Portion Control when Eating Out:

  • Avoid buffets
  • Ask for a take-away container when you first place your order, and put some food in the container before you even start to eat
  • Share your meal with a companion
  • Eat slowly so your body has a chance to tell you when it’s full

Portion Control when Choosing Fast Food:

  • If possible, eat an apple before heading out for fast food
  • Never super size anything
  • Order a kid’s meal. They contain what used to be portions for adults
  • If buying a soda, choose a small size instead of large. And don’t refill the cup

Portion Control when Snacking:

  • If single-serving containers aren’t available, read the package label to learn what size a serving is, such as a cup or an ounce. Then measure this out, paying attention to what it looks like so you can “eyeball” it from then on
  • Don’t eat from the package. Place a serving of the snack in a bowl, or divide the contents of a large package into several smaller containers right from the start
  • Choose light ice cream bars instead of ice cream by the gallon
  • Store particularly tempting foods out of immediate eyesight, such as at the back of the freezer or on a high shelf


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