The Chicago House of ZA

I went to this amazing Pizza place called “The Chicago House of Za”. 🤤😍🍕🍕

It’s 100% Vegan! Plus, it has other amazing treats like Calzones, Subs, and more.

This place is what all VEGANS DREAM OF. This isn’t your normal store-bought frozen pizza. This is the REAL DEAL HOLYFIELD (lol)

I ordered the Stuffed Pizza with Seitan Sausage, Seitan Pepperoni, Spinach & Broccoli. It was …… EVERYTHING I DREAMED OF. PERFECT PIZZA

I was so excited that I took a HUGE bite out of my HOT PIZZA & burned the roof of my mouth. IT WAS ALL WORTH IT THO. #SACRIFICES #riskitforthebiscut

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