Do you know about Meridians?

Meridians –  a set of pathways in the body along which vital energy is said to flow. There are twelve such pathways associated with specific organs.

The acupuncture meridians run throughout the body, connecting every part of it together. There are 12 major meridians, named after the internal organs they are connected to. The internal organs are like reservoirs of the body’s energy, and the meridians are like rivers that flow from them. These 12 meridians pass through the internal organs to the tips of the toes, top of the head, and ends of the fingers.

The meridians carry energy to and from the body’s energy centers:the three tan tien and the seven chakras.

The body contains an energy center in the abdomen known as the “tan tien”, literally “field of the elixir of life”. The chakras are energy centers located on the thrusting meridian, which rises up the center of the body.

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