Importance of Traveling

I recommend that everyone travel in his or her lifetime. I just think traveling opens up so many doors. It lets you see the world, learn about different areas, helps you with your perception on life and can even spark some creativity in you.

I am currently on the plane (7/23/18 7:53 AM) on my way to Orlando, FL for a family vacation. It just makes me think about how this experience will impact my family. Especially for my younger sibling, nieces & nephews.

Being able to see the world at such a young age is a BLESSING. I feel that it will open so many doors for them and they can see the world (that’s a BONUS).

In the past, I have been able to travel to 15+ states and I am FOREVER GRATEFUL. Being able to travel and visit other states, helped sparked that curiosity I had. I was so curious of the world and I still am. Those experiences had such a big impact on me and it helped change my perception on the world.



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